Karl Oskar Bootsman • A Man With a Mission

Karl Oskar Bootsman's story reads like a train. Perhaps because it is so short. Or well told. Nobody knows. Because until today, no one knew Karl.

That doesn't bother him at all. Karl doesn't care what others think of him. Let alone if they know him. All Karl cares about are the days. Which he seizes. Eagerly. Like a frisky foal.

Karl Oskar knows that a day without chuckling is not a day lived. Or something similar. In any case, he won't pass up one that's deadly dull. His life's too short for that. Just like ours. And yours.

Karl Oskar Bootsman is our shining example. Our pilot in anxious days. Our benchmark in terms of character. Because averse to fads and hypes, Karl is who he is. Always and everywhere.

What about you?

Enough laughter. Back to the shop.



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